Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day & Good Friday

Happy Earth Day.
I guess today is supposed to be a day where all the rest of the united states gives a rip about the planet and does something consciously environmentally friendly. As a child I never saw the point of the day, but that was because I was raised to not trash the world I live in and to do things as economic as possibly. We had a garden, we recycled, we walked to the store when possible (which let me tell you in So. CA it's not a fun or easy thing to do and we live in one of those "up hill both ways" kind of houses lol), didn't litter. It was basic things that I was taught to do which is why I couldn't understand the laziness of the rest of our society. I still don't. I don't understand how you can be so selfish that you don't give a rip if you are trashing the earth with your chip bags or the mother of all pet peeves your nasty ass cigarette butts. Why wouldn't you want the world you live in to be as beautiful as possible. We take and spend so much time and money to make our physic to look good yet neglect what is actually important.
Today we are (hopefully) going to be working on our garden in the back yard. If we are able to I will update with pictures.
However today is far more important than just earth day going on. Today is good Friday. As a Christian it marks when Jesus Christ was beaten and crucified and died for our sins. It's not a mandatory thing but I believe it is important to reflect in prayer on that and what it means. For me it's far more important than earth day, because without him this world would be nothing.

Have a good Friday!

(If you do not agree with my religious views, that is fine. I am not trying to push anything on you and condemn you, so I would appreciate you doing the same for me.)

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