Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had our meeting with the geneticist this morning. It went well and was pretty much was I was expecting. Just a lot of paper work, gathering as much family history as we were able to give and then going over what different gene mutations we could possibly have. I found out that out of the 15-20% of all pregnancies that end in miscarriage (that's 1 in 4) only 5% of those are due to actual chromosomal abnormalities (caused by one of [or both] the parents).
Which was comforting because it means that there it is more than likely that neither Daniel or myself has any chromosomal abnormalities; but we will know when my test results come back. (we are going to have to wait to get Daniel tested as the VA take forever to process things, but the councilor told me that if he's going going to be able to get in with in the next month to have the blood work done to call and they would work with me to have him tested under me)
I am hoping that they are able to give me a copy of the results when they get them because the pictures of the laid out chromosomes were pretty cool.

I have another appointment this coming Monday, down in San Diego. It's an ultrasound to make sure that my uterus is sitting pretty and not a factor in my miscarriages. Yay for having to drink a ton or water hold it at least an hour before my appointment and then have them put pressure on my wanting to bust bladder, lol. Oh well it's all for a good cause!


  1. Good Luck with everything! Will keep you guys in our prayers!

  2. Glad the appt. went well! Hopefully he is able to get is bloodwork done soon so you can keep the ball rolling.

  3. goodluck i wish you all the best.
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  4. Good luck to you!!

    Visiting from the hop. Following on GFC I look forward to following your blog! Hope you will stop by my page to follow as well :0)