Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I had an ultrasound appointment down at the Kaiser hospital in San Diego. It went well...I think. We left home at 1:30 and somehow managed to get to the hospital at 2. I don't know how that happened because I didn't drive any faster than 75mph the whole time. But anyways we got down there and I finished the last of my mandatory 32 oz of water (which I was instructed to be done with at least an hour before my appointment) and we grabbed something to eat. Around 2:40 we went to find parking and then wondered on down to radiology and got checked in (I was given an ID bracelet, which I thought was odd). We waited in the waiting room for half a hour and watched an old Friends episode then got called back. The tech did an abdominal ultrasound first, which was torture because she kept pressing on my bladder, taking a bunch of pictures. When she finished she let me get up and finally go to the bathroom before I had to go back and have a vaginal ultrasound performed. So the appointment went smooth but it kind of sucked because she didn't tell me anything at all about how things looked; if my lining was still thick enough, if I had cysts forming, if my uterus was the proper shape (though Daniel said he saw her type in long cul-de-sac shape, whatever that means, hopefully it's good or at least not bad). When she had finished I asked how things looked and all she said was that my Dr would have the results in 2-3 days and would call me then. Which definitely doesn't make me feel confident that things are all well. But oh well nothing I can do about it but be patient, wait, and hope all is well.

my ID bracelet

ultrasound machine


  1. I hope it all turns out ok!!! I'll be thinking of you.
    -The How To Mommy

  2. i'm sure everything will work out just fine, what an exciting adventure :)

  3. Wishing you the best of lucks.
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  4. I hope it all works out for you! Are you going to start IVF treatments?? That is what I am doing right now! Hey there! I am finally getting caught up from the weekend blog hop! Apparently I can only “follow” so many in a day. I am your newest follower. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :) I have a giveaway going on my Fire butterfly Jewels blog! :)

  5. Hello there, officially following you from Wed. Blog Hop : ) ) .. Lovely Blog.. Excited to get to read more of your posts.. Hope you stop by sometime.. Marilyn from TY..

  6. hope the best for you and the baby! glad to find another sd mom =)

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Have a fantastic day!


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  8. Good Luck! I'll be praying for you! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your is lovely. And the bubbles were from a Jacuzzi tub & bubble bath. Craaaazy bubbles. I need a bubble bath like that! LOL Following you now and joined the above hop.