Monday, May 16, 2011


We hit 200 followers this morning so thank you all! It means a lot to me and really your comments and encouragement mean the world to me and pick me up when I'm feeling a little low. You ROCK!
A big "Thank You!" to everybody who participated in yesterday's Sundae Hop. I am 98% positive that I got to each and every single one of you who participated and I am either now newly following you or I was already following you so I left a comment just saying thanks for joining us, as well as trying to make sure to make a real comment about whatever you had posted about. (I dunno about you but it can get annoying when you have a ton of people just leaving you comments saying "I'm following you, check out my blog".)
There are a few Monday hops going on right now, check out my blog hop section and see if there are one or two you would like to participate in. Also check out the ones that will be going on for Tuesday and link up with them soon. I know the hostesses would love to have you participate!

Hope you all are finding a way to have a great Monday!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 200 today!
    I’m your newest follower. I found you off of “I love my online friends Monday hop”. Cheers,

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  2. Congrats!!!!!!

    Keep it up. I hope you enjoy your journey.


  3. Congrats! Your blog is AWESOME!

    Here's to more!!!!

  4. Congratulations on 200+ Fans! It's so excited to get to a new mile stone! I can't wait to read more ;O)

    Thank you for stopping by Nomie's 3 Monsters!  I'm following you back!

  5. Returning the follow from the blog hop! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been reading some of your posts and you have a great blog-no wonder you have hit 200 followers! Congrats!