Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are "you" to blame?

So I had a miscarriage in March of 2010 somewhere close to 7 weeks, probably earlier. I was so shocked when I found out that I was pregnant, because I had been tracking my cycle and didn't pick up any ovulation taking place so I didn't bother testing at all. I figured I was having an anovulatory cycle and I would just have to let it run it's course. But then I randomly tested and had two pink lines show up and then a digital that said "pregnant". I was so excited I couldn't control how much I was shaking. When Daniel walked in the house I threw the test at him to look at. Anyways a few days after finding out I began to miscarry and a couple days after that the Dr confirmed it.

I wasn't given any reason for why it happened. I was told that it's just bad luck, that something must have been wrong and nature was doing what it needed to do. I am still heartbroken over that loss, a small piece of me died that day.

Fast forward to over a year later.
I was in my room watching TV and one of those attorney commercials came on talking about how different drugs had been linked to bad birth defects in the children who's mothers had been taking them. I wasn't really paying attention to it till they start listing off the drugs that had been linked. And then I heard not one but two of the drugs that I had been prescribed and had been taking when I got pregnant.
So it's highly likely that because I was taking those drugs a defect could have happened during those for few vital weeks of growth. A defect that could have possibly been interpreted to my body as being incompatible with normal life.
I'm thinking of calling up this attorney office and talking with them, obviously I don't know for a fact that those drugs are what caused the miscarriage but the fact that I had a miscarriage while taking them (which as I said have now been linked to birth defects) makes it a very likely culprit for that first miscarriage.

Then again maybe I am grasping at straws and just still wishing for a real reason not just "bad luck".


  1. I also heard on the radio that the flue vaccine the past several years is positively correlated with an increase in miscarriages :-(

  2. Yes, when the big H1N1 scare was going around. They were pumping out that vaccine without well really any research. I understand the reasoning for it but no I know for at least 4 women who had received the H1N1 shot and 2-3 weeks later discovered that their baby had passed.
    I opted not to get that shot and only received the normal flu shot, but now I believe that they have mixed the two together. Not sure about that but wouldn't surprise me. So the past couple years I have just chosen not to get it at all and instead pump myself full of vit C.

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