Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY- "Green" Exfoliant

Go green and make your own exfoliant scrub.
Since I am getting rid of the chemicals in my house my body wash with those little exfoliating beads had to go as well, so I made a sugar-coffee scrub to use. It's easy to do, works great, is super cheap and I bet you that you already have everything you will need in your home!

1/4 C Sugar (white or brown)
1/4 C Coffee grounds
2-3 tbs Olive Oil

1. Mix the coffee grounds and sugar together. (Coffee grounds can be dry or wet. If dry use olive oil, if wet no olive oil is needed but place the grounds in a clean dish cloth and absorb out a little bit of the liquid before adding to the sugar.
2. Mix in the olive oil. You can add more olive oil if you wish.
3. It's best to use this in the shower as it can get messy. Just apply generously to the body and gently exfoliate, rise and be amazed by how soft your skin is!

Note that this exfoliant leaves a slight coffee scent on the skin but you can only smell it if you get your nose right up to it, and it disappears quickly.

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