Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Fishy-Face! (take 2)

First I posted this yesterday morning, it posted fine I even viewed it on my blog at least 3 times (heck I saved it as a draft every so often because I knew others had been having a problem) and last night blogger decided to be a butt head and delete it! Oh and in addition to deleting my entry from yesterday, it deleted several of the comments that you had left for me. Do if you don't see a comment and know you left me one I didn't delete it or just not post it. Blogger is to blame.Dude, not cool! So here's round two, sadly it will be nowhere near as good as my first post I made for his, so thanks a lot blogger. You suck! So take two. =/

Happy Birthday 23rd to my amazing husband! I love you so much. You are such an amazing person and I am so glad to be a part of your life. I look forward to growing old with you and having many more birthdays to celebrate. Except knowing you, you will never be old. You will always be full of insane amounts of energy and acting like a big goof ball. I'm so glad you were born you make the stars shine brighter just because you are here. Happy birthday my love!

The morning started out with 23 birthday kisses and birthday pancakes!
And after he had to go take a math test. So I ran around town getting a few things for a list minute family birthday lunch complete with pizza, his favorite blue Gatorade, ice cream cake, and a silly string fight. It was fun and that's what mattered.

Then we went off to Disneyland. We got him a birthday button and went on some rides. I think that he definitely had a good 23rd birthday.


  1. Here from the Weekend Blog Hop. Love your Blog - Great setup - I like a clean Blog :) I blame it on being pregnant - I like a put together blog! Ha Ha

    Looking forward to playing catch up on your Blog this weekend. In the meantime Id love for you to pop by Little Miss Mama Blog and/or Facebook Fan Page?

    Tairalyn @

  2. This is so sweet, looks like a great birthday!
    Following you from the sundae hop!

    My Meddling Mind

  3. seeing those pancakes with a candle on it! omg! perfect way to celebrate a birthday! i wonder if i could get away with it to!! =)

    [ from the sundae blog hop. new follower.]