Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Weeks!

Half way to the "safe zone". Although I will feel like I am at that point once I see my beautiful baby's heartbeat thump-thump-thumping away in 3 weeks!

You can ignore my not so great drawing, the mouth area can be confusing.

-Your little embryo no longer looks like a tadpole but it now beginning to resemble something more like a shrimp.
-Your little embryo is about the size of a lentil bean or snow pea (approx ¼ inch long).
-His/her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are taking shape and ear buds are forming.
-Little arm and leg buds are visible and if you were to get an ultrasound you should be able to see his/her little heart thumping away pumping the blood through his/her tiny body.
-Internally your little embryo’s intestines, brain, lungs, muscle, and bones are all developing.
-The primitive placenta is formed but your little embryo will still be getting some nourishment from the remaining yolk sac.

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  1. I think your drawing is actually super awesome!