Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterdays Dr visit

After having a freak out yesterday because of my symptoms seeming to have disappeared and calling the Dr's office and talking with them. They suggested that I head down to L&D in SD as a walk in for the OB clinic there and they would see me for an ultrasound or at the very least just to talk to an actual Dr and get all my worries out. So we got to the hospital and checked in and waited what seemed like an hour but was probably 20 minutes. My heart was racing the whole time and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Finally we were then called back into the exam room and waited probably another 30 minutes for the Dr to come in. After he came in and asked me a few questions he went and got a nurse to help with the ultrasound machine.

Look what we found just chillin in my uterus. Our little bug!
You may not be able to but you can see the arm buds and eyes and it's just so cool!

It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. As soon as the Dr zoomed in on bug you could easily see the heartbeat! It was just such a beautiful sight I could have just stayed there for hours watching. Unfortunately the Dr didn't feel the same way, and since we were the last ones there and a walk in they were in a hurry to get home. But they did at least do measurements and bug
was measuring one day ahead of where I thought we were. So going on I thought we were 6 weeks 3 days but it was really 6 weeks 4 days. It was just so amazing that we got to see our beautiful baby and the heartbeat and have a picture. Also from what the Dr pointed out the placenta looks to be on the left hand side, and according the to Ramzi method that means we will most likely be having a girl which I had a feeling about when I first found out. But we still have a few weeks before we will know.

I feel so much better now and wouldn't you know my symptoms came back last night and seemed to be worse than before, I'll take it though!

Just a few more weeks before we tell everybody!


  1. I'm so glad to hear everything is ok. I've had 2 scares with mine and was thrilled to hit 3 months last weekend! Can't wait to read more about yours.

  2. I love ultrasound pics! So cool! (I'm squealing w/ delight for you!)

    So exciting!

  3. exciting! I am sure whatever you having-boy or girl-will be so loved up when he or she makes her debut in 33 weeks. :)

  4. I'm glad everything is going well for you!!