Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spent my birthday in the ER

Well pretty much right after posting yesterday's blog entry I went to the restroom and notices a very small very light amount of spotting. Well of course I freaked out and started crying, I called (after trying a couple different numbers first) the advice nurse line and waited for nearly a hour to speak to somebody. When I finally did I told her what was going on how far along I am and answered the questions that they have to ask. She told me that the spotting could have been from any number of things and to just take it easy, watch to see if the spotting increased, drink plenty of water, pelvic rest, etc and to call my Dr Monday morning to get in sometime that week with them unless it increased (then I should have just gone to the ER). Which was all stuff I had planned on doing anyways. So I hang up and maybe five minutes later I get a call back the nurse said, "I just pulled up your chart/history and we need you to just come into the ER and get checked out". Ugh great just what I wanted to do on my birthday. So Daniel got home from birthday shopping for me and I told him that they told me go in.

We got there and checked in at 2:45 then sat in the waiting room till 4 something to be called back into triage just for me to take down my vitals. After that they immediately took me to get my blood drawn and then we waited some more. After waiting what seemed like several more hours but was maybe only 40 minutes they called me back for an ultrasound. But they would not allow Daniel to come back with me which just made me mad and I wanted to yell obscene things at this nurse in German (I should note that she was pretty much only speaking Spanish to/around me so the thought made me giggle cause she wouldn't have understood). Anyways they took me back and the tech asked what was going on and somehow managed to understand what I was saying though my sniffles and heavy breathing.

She had me lay down turned the screen away as she put the wand on my belly and a moment later tuned it back towards me to show me a very active baby! It was so awesome to see him/her moving, dancing, and jumping all over the place but I really wish that Daniel had been in there with me to see it. Because the baby was moving so much it was difficult to get a clear picture and on top of that the print just printed weird so the super cute profile that the tech and I had been looking at on the screen turned into a weird "freaky chin" shape when printed but it was still so cool to see how much growth had happened in just a few weeks. Oh and I was finally told a heart rate-167 bpm. Nice and healthy.

After that we waited a few more hours to see a Dr and be released. We finally got a "room" at 7:40 and checked out fast but I was still an hour late for my own birthday dinner. Oh well my friends were understanding. So tomorrow I have to call my midwife and make a follow appointment for sometime this week...maybe we'll get another ultrasound and Daniel will be able to see him/her dancing all over.
My birthday didn't go as planned and I would have rather avoided the ER all together it was good to see our baby was very healthy.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to...


Today is my 21st birthday! I'm not as excited about it as most people turning 21 are but that's because I'm not into drinking and since I'm pregnant I'm not able to drink even if I wanted to (well actually I could have a drink but I am choosing not to because it's not worth it to me). I am however excited to go out to dinner with my friends and celebrate and I do plan to get some fun virgin drinks just to be festive. Yesterday Daniel and I went to see the final Harry Potter movie and I believe today that we're going shopping because I need a few new shirts. My in laws sent me a birthday card the other day but I didn't open it till today.
But other than dinner I don't have anything particularly special planned for my birthday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

12 week bump

Shirt up vs Shirt down. I still mostly just feel pudgey but there is a definite baby bump starting! I would say that by 16 weeks it will be rather round and obvious.

3 months!

Just one more week till we are out of the first trimester! It's so crazy to actually be at this point, I feel so extraordinarily blessed that this pregnancy and bug have been so healthy! Our next appointment is in 3 weeks, we'll be 15 weeks then and we have an ultrasound scheduled so we might be able to get a guess as to if we are having a boy or girl! This weekend I stop taking my progesterone, I'm a little nervous about it but I know that everything is and will be find so I have nothing to worry about plus my midwife seems really understanding and if for whatever reason I just can't handle it I can call and she would get me in as soon as possible.
(I'll post a 3 month baby bump picture later)

-This week your baby should be able to start curling and wiggling his toes, and bending individual fingers.
-Your baby is just about three inches long and about the size of a peach.
-Your baby will also begin to experiment with their facial muscle movement, frowning and raising their brow and making sucking movement with their lips.
-Your baby can also respond to outside stimulation, if you move and poke (carefully) at your abdomen your little one will respond and move around but you still will not be able to yet feel these movements.
-Nerves are multiplying rapidly and the brain is also developing at an enormous rate.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fluffy mail

We're are planning on cloth diapering bugs little bumm. Yesterday bugs new Blueberry diapers arrived. Babysteals had the diapers for half off the other day so I ordered 3 diapers (including shipping) for what I would normally have paid for 2. Not to shabby. I chose 1- Royal Blue 1-Sky Blue and 1- Mint Green. The colors aren't as vibrant in the picture as they are in person. I think that they will good colors from a boy or girl, and can't wait for the day in February when bug arrives and I get to I get to clothe his/her tushie in the fulffy cuteness!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A little bit random

A few random things that I found myself craving this week.

Pimento Olives.
Buffalo Sauce.
Chocolate covered Gummy Bears.
Lucas Chili Candy
Cheap Nachos

Now to find something healthy for breakfast that doesn't make me want to gag...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 VS 11

A picture from 4 weeks pregnant vs today at 11 weeks pregnant. Just looking at myself day to day I don't really notice a difference in a growing baby bump but comparing the two pictures side by side I can definitely see a difference! Before I just had a little teeny tiny bit of belly pudge and obviously by my pelvis was flat. Now my uterus seems to be pushing up more making the area more rounded. Yay! It's not much but it's coming along nicely and I'm excited for when it's an obvious baby bump cause not long after that we should be able to feel bug kicking and moving around.

11 weeks!

-Your fetus is now around an inch and a half to two inches long.
-Comparison wise he/she is roughly the size of a lime.
-He/she is now almost fully formed.
-His/her hands will soon be able to open and close into fists and grasp around.
-They will begin to start feeling around inside of their little "cocoon", even messing with their umbilical cord as the grow more.
-While you will not feel them moving and dancing around till closer to 15 weeks (maybe even further along) they are quite the little gymnasts.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gone green

I decided to change my blog colors. Since right now we don't know the gender of the baby (only one month till we should be able to tell though!) I've changed the blog to be green. Once we find out if we're having a boy or girl I'll change it to either pink or blue. Or maybe I will have found something cuter by then to decorate the blog with. I'm already getting so excited about finding out the gender. I wanted to try out that "Intelligender" test. You know the one that you pee in and it's supposed to be 90+% accurate at telling you the gender early, but I'm not sure I can justify spending $40 on a pee test that really when it boils down to it only has a 50/50 shot at being right. And it says that if you are currently taking progesterone supplements not to use the test as it would interfere with the results. So I'd have to wait till I stop my progesterone and then probably an additional week at which point we'd only have two and a half weeks left till my ultrasound and looking at it that way it seems a tad pointless.

I'm not sure if I want to know right away or do a gender reveal party and find out with everybody else. I know that Daniel wants to know right away. When I suggested waiting to find out till everybody else does (of we do a party) he said "No, I would know and then you and everybody else can find out". I suppose I could still do the party but know and just surprise everybody else in that fun way. Either way a party other than the baby shower would be fun lol. I think that for Daniel's family, since they're a ways away...oh well never mind I'm not even going to say what my idea was. It will just be a surprise for everybody once I do it.
Oh we do know though that once we find out the gender even if we do set ourselves on one of the three different names we have made up for either gender we will not be telling people what we have chosen. That's definitely going to be a surprise till he or she is born.

Oh and going on record...Daniel is 100% convinced that we are having a boy. I have felt from the beginning that bug was/is a girl. We would be truly happy with either, but it will be fun to see which of us it right. And once the appointment gets closer I'm going to set up a poll for friends to see what they think bug is!
As far as old wives tales guesses go...My lack of nausea/morning sickness say boy. My occasional breakouts and grease hair say girl. My craving sweets and aversion to ground beef say girl. My wanting salty things and lemons say boy. Don't know what the heart rate actually is (just that when we have seen it, it's been nice and strong!) so that can't be used to guess the gender. Placenta placement/where the baby implanted indicates boy (I think only because the Dr has had to turn the wand to my right side at both ultrasounds to see bug). The Chinese gender chart gives me different results depending on what site I use. So we'll see.....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tests, blood, anemia?

So yesterday evening I went to the lab and had my early 1 hour glucose test done along with my first trimester blood work and a few additional tests that had been ordered. I passed my glucose test (not that I was worried about it) and most of my other tests came back in normal range except my RBC (red blood cell count) was below normal and it appears that they specific test that they perform to diagnose anemia was just 1 or 2 points above the lowest end of normal.
I'm going to have to go over these results with my Dr (or well midwife) obviously because looking up the names and looking at the numbers they gave me I still can't make perfect sense about it. But it sounds from my uneducated guess that I need to work on getting my iron count up to increase my RBC and prevent from falling into the anemic category.
My mom while she was pregnant with my youngest brother had really, really bad anemia and it took her years to get it regulated again. I know from seeing her struggle with that, that I do not what to end up in that same boat.

So I am going to pledge now to become more consistent with taking my prenatals. I had been doing good with taking them but just started slacking and you know once you start slacking it turning into never doing it... I guess I will also try to eat more red meats, it's kind of been an aversion of mine since becoming pregnant (even though I could not get enough steak or cheese burgers before hand). Gotta make sure I stay healthy so our little bug can keep on growing nice and strong!
You can't see but I'm having Daniel grab my prenatals (all three of those horse pills) for me right now so I can take them!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 weeks!

1/4 of the way complete with baby baking! 1/2 way to finding out if we're having a boy or girl.
-Your embryo is now medically considered a fetus!
-At a little over an inch long your baby is about the size of a kumquat.
-In the last eight weeks (from conception to this point) your baby has completed the most critical portion of development.
-Vital organs such as the kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver are all functioning for their intended purpose though they will continue to develop through out the rest of the pregnancy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Big Head

Today was our first official appointment and I was so nervous. Our little bug is growing wonderfully and measured a day ahead, again so we're 9w2d. We could see the arms and hands, and the little toes, and the heartbeat was just thumping away beautifully. I'm so in love with this baby! If you look at the picture (head is on the right and the toes are on the left) it looks like you can see a partial profile and the the baby has his/her arm up by his/her mouth.
Oh my gosh it's just the cutest thing ever, I can't get over it.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayer that you have been sending my way it's truly truly appreciated!

4:30PM today-I sent the ultrasound picture to Daniel's parents. His mom sent me a text back saying she thinks bug looks like Daniel.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not exactly what we planned...

We told the family today.
Daniel called his mom and told her...and apparently they already knew.
Now I wasn't on the phone but Daniel told me that apparently she said somebody saw my blog and sent them a link to it, to tell them. Which WOW, if that is the case really who ever did that, it's not cool at all. Like really that's so disrespectful that somebody felt they needed to go over my and my husbands heads and tell his family before we were able to.
Clearly I stated several times in different posts that we (my husband and I the parents of this growing baby) were not ready or going to be telling family yet, so for (you) somebody to send them a link to my blog and rip open my gift/surprise for them that way it's so disrespectful and rude!

Now if they saw it on my blog themselves just because they randomly looked that's one thing and honestly that wouldn't bother me. I knew it could happen seeing as they have internet access and blogger accounts as well so I knew posting about it there was a possibility that they could see it themselves before we actually said something but if somebody sent it to them to purposefully tell on us yeah that greatly bothers me!

So over all I was disappointed with how telling Daniels mother/family went. I was hoping that it would be a total surprise and that they would be really really excited to hear the news but it wasn't like that because apparently somebody decided that it was their place to tell them and take that joy away from my husband and I. So thanks...

Oh ok now that I have gotten that frustration and disappointment off my chest I'm feeling better. Can't change what was done, so no point in just being upset over it, lol. But we told everybody now and everybody is happy that bug is doing well, and people are praying that everything continues to go perfectly.
We have our first official appointment tomorrow morning, I'm still a tad nervous but I'm feeling pretty calm about it since I know that everything is just fine. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight, I'm so excited.

9 weeks!

-Your little embryo is continuing to grow at a rapid speed.
-He/she now resembles something much more human than the previous weeks.
-He/she is about the size of a large blackberry and about the same weight.
-This week your baby's heart will continue to divide onto four chambers and the rest of the valves start to form.
-Tooth buds will also begin to grow under his/her tiny developing gums. (Although it is rare some babies are born with some of their teeth already broken through.)
-Your babies organs, nerves, and muscles are becoming more fine tuned and slowly beginning to function.
-Their eyes are now fully formed but their eyelids are fused shut and will remain shut until around 27 weeks.
-His/her external sex organs are all there but it will still be several more weeks before you will be able to easily distinguish whether you have a boy or girl on board.
-And finally the placenta is now developed enough to fully take over the job of nourishing him/her for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The bump

I can't wait to start getting a baby bump!
So far I only have a little bit of bloat that when I have to pee really badly or I've eaten a lot can make me look like I have a real baby bump but it's not yet.
And since I'm tiny to begin with and my uterus is the size of a grapefruit by now Daniel and I can see where (just above the pubic bone) I'm starting to "pudge" out and get a bump there, and it's firm as well.
I think by the end of July I should have a noticeable baby bump where people will start being able to tell that I'm pregnant (I don't think I am going to really have the whole "is she fat or pregnant" thing though).

9 weeks tomorrow and our Dr appointment this Friday. I'm still understandably nervous but I know in my heart that everything is fine and bug is growing right on track! So far my symptoms still haven't been much of anything. Nausea from time to time, tender breasts, recently an increase in having to pee (like every 2 hours), and a few pimples but nothing bad at all. I really am just counting myself as blessed plus 20-25% of women will avoid morning sickness all together.