Thursday, July 7, 2011

9 weeks!

-Your little embryo is continuing to grow at a rapid speed.
-He/she now resembles something much more human than the previous weeks.
-He/she is about the size of a large blackberry and about the same weight.
-This week your baby's heart will continue to divide onto four chambers and the rest of the valves start to form.
-Tooth buds will also begin to grow under his/her tiny developing gums. (Although it is rare some babies are born with some of their teeth already broken through.)
-Your babies organs, nerves, and muscles are becoming more fine tuned and slowly beginning to function.
-Their eyes are now fully formed but their eyelids are fused shut and will remain shut until around 27 weeks.
-His/her external sex organs are all there but it will still be several more weeks before you will be able to easily distinguish whether you have a boy or girl on board.
-And finally the placenta is now developed enough to fully take over the job of nourishing him/her for the remainder of the pregnancy.

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