Monday, July 18, 2011

Gone green

I decided to change my blog colors. Since right now we don't know the gender of the baby (only one month till we should be able to tell though!) I've changed the blog to be green. Once we find out if we're having a boy or girl I'll change it to either pink or blue. Or maybe I will have found something cuter by then to decorate the blog with. I'm already getting so excited about finding out the gender. I wanted to try out that "Intelligender" test. You know the one that you pee in and it's supposed to be 90+% accurate at telling you the gender early, but I'm not sure I can justify spending $40 on a pee test that really when it boils down to it only has a 50/50 shot at being right. And it says that if you are currently taking progesterone supplements not to use the test as it would interfere with the results. So I'd have to wait till I stop my progesterone and then probably an additional week at which point we'd only have two and a half weeks left till my ultrasound and looking at it that way it seems a tad pointless.

I'm not sure if I want to know right away or do a gender reveal party and find out with everybody else. I know that Daniel wants to know right away. When I suggested waiting to find out till everybody else does (of we do a party) he said "No, I would know and then you and everybody else can find out". I suppose I could still do the party but know and just surprise everybody else in that fun way. Either way a party other than the baby shower would be fun lol. I think that for Daniel's family, since they're a ways away...oh well never mind I'm not even going to say what my idea was. It will just be a surprise for everybody once I do it.
Oh we do know though that once we find out the gender even if we do set ourselves on one of the three different names we have made up for either gender we will not be telling people what we have chosen. That's definitely going to be a surprise till he or she is born.

Oh and going on record...Daniel is 100% convinced that we are having a boy. I have felt from the beginning that bug was/is a girl. We would be truly happy with either, but it will be fun to see which of us it right. And once the appointment gets closer I'm going to set up a poll for friends to see what they think bug is!
As far as old wives tales guesses go...My lack of nausea/morning sickness say boy. My occasional breakouts and grease hair say girl. My craving sweets and aversion to ground beef say girl. My wanting salty things and lemons say boy. Don't know what the heart rate actually is (just that when we have seen it, it's been nice and strong!) so that can't be used to guess the gender. Placenta placement/where the baby implanted indicates boy (I think only because the Dr has had to turn the wand to my right side at both ultrasounds to see bug). The Chinese gender chart gives me different results depending on what site I use. So we'll see.....


  1. I hope you can convince the hubby to wait! Here's the link to my gender reveal party, it was amazing to find out in the company of everyone we love rather than from some stranger!

    congratulations on your little bug!!


    This is the site I used. It calculates your lunar age and lunar month conceived. It was 100% accurate for me!

    In the beginning of my pregnancy, I thought I was having a girl, but around 12 weeks I decided it was a boy - well I was very surprised at that appointment when she told us it was a girl! Such a great surprise!