Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spent my birthday in the ER

Well pretty much right after posting yesterday's blog entry I went to the restroom and notices a very small very light amount of spotting. Well of course I freaked out and started crying, I called (after trying a couple different numbers first) the advice nurse line and waited for nearly a hour to speak to somebody. When I finally did I told her what was going on how far along I am and answered the questions that they have to ask. She told me that the spotting could have been from any number of things and to just take it easy, watch to see if the spotting increased, drink plenty of water, pelvic rest, etc and to call my Dr Monday morning to get in sometime that week with them unless it increased (then I should have just gone to the ER). Which was all stuff I had planned on doing anyways. So I hang up and maybe five minutes later I get a call back the nurse said, "I just pulled up your chart/history and we need you to just come into the ER and get checked out". Ugh great just what I wanted to do on my birthday. So Daniel got home from birthday shopping for me and I told him that they told me go in.

We got there and checked in at 2:45 then sat in the waiting room till 4 something to be called back into triage just for me to take down my vitals. After that they immediately took me to get my blood drawn and then we waited some more. After waiting what seemed like several more hours but was maybe only 40 minutes they called me back for an ultrasound. But they would not allow Daniel to come back with me which just made me mad and I wanted to yell obscene things at this nurse in German (I should note that she was pretty much only speaking Spanish to/around me so the thought made me giggle cause she wouldn't have understood). Anyways they took me back and the tech asked what was going on and somehow managed to understand what I was saying though my sniffles and heavy breathing.

She had me lay down turned the screen away as she put the wand on my belly and a moment later tuned it back towards me to show me a very active baby! It was so awesome to see him/her moving, dancing, and jumping all over the place but I really wish that Daniel had been in there with me to see it. Because the baby was moving so much it was difficult to get a clear picture and on top of that the print just printed weird so the super cute profile that the tech and I had been looking at on the screen turned into a weird "freaky chin" shape when printed but it was still so cool to see how much growth had happened in just a few weeks. Oh and I was finally told a heart rate-167 bpm. Nice and healthy.

After that we waited a few more hours to see a Dr and be released. We finally got a "room" at 7:40 and checked out fast but I was still an hour late for my own birthday dinner. Oh well my friends were understanding. So tomorrow I have to call my midwife and make a follow appointment for sometime this week...maybe we'll get another ultrasound and Daniel will be able to see him/her dancing all over.
My birthday didn't go as planned and I would have rather avoided the ER all together it was good to see our baby was very healthy.


  1. Oh! That scared me. I am glad your baby was OK. I hope you feel relieved/better and had a good birthday dinner.

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  3. Sorry to hear you spent your birthday in the ER but I'm glad the baby is ok. :) Your little one looks like a little duckling,soooo cute!

    My hubby and I want to have a little one but are having trouble. It's nice to know there's hope. :)

  4. Yeah the picture printed really weird because he/she was moving so much, the profile we actually saw on screen was really cute and reminded me of the Gerber baby lol. Next picture will be much better!