Friday, July 15, 2011

Tests, blood, anemia?

So yesterday evening I went to the lab and had my early 1 hour glucose test done along with my first trimester blood work and a few additional tests that had been ordered. I passed my glucose test (not that I was worried about it) and most of my other tests came back in normal range except my RBC (red blood cell count) was below normal and it appears that they specific test that they perform to diagnose anemia was just 1 or 2 points above the lowest end of normal.
I'm going to have to go over these results with my Dr (or well midwife) obviously because looking up the names and looking at the numbers they gave me I still can't make perfect sense about it. But it sounds from my uneducated guess that I need to work on getting my iron count up to increase my RBC and prevent from falling into the anemic category.
My mom while she was pregnant with my youngest brother had really, really bad anemia and it took her years to get it regulated again. I know from seeing her struggle with that, that I do not what to end up in that same boat.

So I am going to pledge now to become more consistent with taking my prenatals. I had been doing good with taking them but just started slacking and you know once you start slacking it turning into never doing it... I guess I will also try to eat more red meats, it's kind of been an aversion of mine since becoming pregnant (even though I could not get enough steak or cheese burgers before hand). Gotta make sure I stay healthy so our little bug can keep on growing nice and strong!
You can't see but I'm having Daniel grab my prenatals (all three of those horse pills) for me right now so I can take them!


  1. Can you do leafy greens, too? You might google search "iron rich foods" and see if there is anything appealing. And take those prenatals!

  2. I become borderline anemic if I donate blood right on the timeline of the minimum time in between. I was advised to take a multi vitamin, extra iron, and eat some red meat and leafy greens I think(?). I wasnt pregnant though, so maybe it will be different. But I would think they could give you a prenatal with extra iron so you don't have to add another pill. And to help with remembering pills...I have a pill box. And am thinking about setting a daily reminder in my phone.

    Praying for your little bug!