Wednesday, August 24, 2011

16 weeks!

Oh my gosh 4 months! That means we are almost half way there!

-At 16 weeks your baby weights about 5 ounces and is about the size of an avocado.
-This week your baby's external genitals should be almost fully formed and with assistance of a good ultrasound machine/tech you may even be able to determine if it's a boy or girl! (Some can find out as early as 15 weeks via ultrasound, again so long as you have a good machine and a tech who can "read" well)
-Eyebrows, hair, and eyelashes have started filling in
-Your baby is able to shift his/her eyes side to side as the muscles that control eye movement have started to work.

The other day I kid you not I was able to feel the baby move. I felt three distinct bumps that I assume are from him jumping (he likes to jump). Haven't felt or noticed anything today but I have read that being a first time mom and still early on that it's normal to feel a few movements one day and then nothing for a few other day. Part of that can be because I just am not noticing it or it could be that he is sleeping more when I am active and more active when I am sleeping. And since on most of our ultrasounds he has been a sleepy bug I would guess he is more active when I sleep.
Also on a more "eww" level I noticed yesterday that my breasts are already leaking. What the heck? I thought that, that wasn't supposed to happen till later towards the end of the last trimester. After looking around the internet with the mighty google I found out that it's not an abnormal thing and nothing to be worried about but it's not a normal thing that most pregnant women experience. Another thing I freaked myself out a little I had been sitting in bed and when I got up I felt a small "gush" and noticed my underwear was wet. So of course my mind goes to the worst case scenario first and I think "great my water is leaking" again using the google I found out that you can check at home to see if it is your water leaking by laying down for 30 minutes+ and then getting up and if you have any leakage it's likely to be your water and to get to the ER ASAP. So I did that a few different time and nope nothing. apparently I've already started to not be able to hold my pee properly =/

Ahh the things that go on with your body while pregnant that they never tell you about!


  1. hi threre:) Can I just say- I am soooo happy for you taht you made it, that you are indeed prego:) Still trying here, all the way over in Norway, but it helps to know that people make it. All the best to you
    hugs- renate

  2. Too much fun!

    I too am a first time mama - however only 14 days until my due date. Isnt it just so strange how your body can change when going through this new and exciting time in your life.

    I didn't get any leaking however a GF of mine did. I did not get to feel my baby kick until 6 months so feeling it at 4 is great! Good for you... Now on the other hand I see it these days just as much as I feel is. She sure is a mover and a shaker. So sweet!

    Good Luck with everything ahead.