Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello & Welcome!

We hit 13 weeks today which means we're now entering the 2nd trimester!!!

I've definitely anxiously and eagerly been awaiting hitting this milestone! I can't believe how much growth has happened in just the last 13(ish) weeks. Bug had gone from being the size of a poppy seed to now being the size of a medium cocktail shrimp or a lemon! And in just a couple weeks at our next appointment we might be able to take a guess as to if bug is a boy or girl. I'm going to ask my tech or MW (who ever is doing the scan) to just take a guess for us and then I plan to use that Intellagender test and see if it's results back up their guess. Just for fun though, we'll confirm the gender a few weeks later at our big long scan.

-Your baby is approximately 3.5-4 inches is size and weighs maybe 1.6 ounces
-Your babies brain has grown at an incredible rate and their head now accounts for close to 1/3 of their whole body.
-Unique individual fingerprints are now formed on each of their little fingers.
-Oh and if you having a little girl by now her ovaries are developed and all the eggs she will ever have are "developed" in her ovaries, but outwardly both genders sex organs still look to be the same.

Grow baby grow!!

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