Friday, August 19, 2011

More pictures

Heart beat-152 beats per minute.

Mostly all stretched out, and in the process of turning his back to us.
It seems as though he has long legs and it looks like you can see an ear as well.

Fully turned so we could see his spine

Another crotch shot. They turned on the red/blue identifier thing that detects blood flow to make sure that what we were seeing wasn't just the cord!

This is my favorite 4D picture that we got. I labeled what facial features are what

Hand up by his head (we think that he likes to sleep like that)

Yawning and stretching

Pretty cool, I mean not all that much to look at as far as details go because he's still so skinny and early in development but watching him move around in the 4D was really awesome and I wasn't expecting to have that! I think that it will be cool if we are able to have 4D done again (or go pay for it at one of those places) when we're further along and he definitely has more fat on him and the facial detailing will be unmistakable I think that if we go somewhere we'll have the whole family be a part of it so they can see it too.

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