Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nom nom nom

Yesterday I suddenly had a MAJOR craving for bacon cheeseburger pizza from BJ's. So Daniel got home from class oh around 6:30 and asked what I wanted to do for dinner. Now I had planned on just making Hamburger Helper or something along those lines but with this craving that just wouldn't cut it. So I tell him that I have been wanting a cheeseburger pizza from BJ's and immediately he goes "oooh that does sound really good!". So we got to BJ's and were seated and as soon as our waitress came by to get drink orders we just went ahead and ordered the pizza. Seriously if you have never tried this pizza, and you have a BJ's restaurant close by you, you MUST! The bacon cheeseburger pizza has on it; bacon, cheese, ground beef, onion, tomato, thousand island dressing, and pickles! It is the most amazing pizza ever and I swear it was made for pregnant women. After eating a couple slices I had a happy very fully tummy but I couldn't leave without getting a pizzookie. Really all a pizzookie is, is a cookie smooshed into a little baking pan. They cook it long enough for the edges to get a little crispy and the top to cook but the center is still really gooey. Then they put a scoop of ice cream on top and bring it out to you nice a hot.

Man oh man I was seriously on happy pregnant lady last night, and I had leftovers (of both) so guess what I'm eating for lunch today? Mmmm.


  1. The pizzookie looks good. The pizza probably would too, but I am still having food issues (no appetite or cravings). Did you go through this at all? If so, when did you get your appetite back or start getting cravings?

  2. I wouldn't say that I ever lost it but I had an impossible time finding what I wanted to eat that I just ended up not feeling like eating or really feeling hungry. Then I would find what I wanted but it wasn't healthy at all but it's better to eat something than nothing. I guess the second tri it really got better.

  3. That pizzookie looks amazing!! Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Mrs. C