Wednesday, September 7, 2011

18 weeks!

18 weeks where has the time gone. One moment it feel like everything is just moving so slowly and the next it's flying by and before I know it we'll be half way there! 12 more days till our anatomy scan! Now for a bump picture.

Believe it or not my uterus is already right below my belly button. Most women apparently don't have their uterus reach their belly button till at least 20 weeks or if they have had previous children. But our little man has measured a little big each time so it's not surprising at all. Granted I still don't really look pregnant but soon enough everybody will be able to tell!

-At 18 weeks little D is about 10 inches long from head to toe (about 6 inches head to rump) and comparable to the same of a papaya.
-Little D's skin is now protected from the amniotic fluid by vernix caseosa.
-Little D is also beginning to gain fatty weight, pretty soon he will look much more baby like with cute chubby cheeks and not like skeletor.

Edit: Geez people are rude.
Joking or not it upset me a bit and yes it's probably just because of hormones. I posted this same bump picture on facebook and had one friend say "Lol you look like you had one too many beers." Ok yes I know I have said that I feel like this but that's me saying it I don't need other people to tell me I just look like I'm getting fat from over eating or unhealthy diet.
The other friend said "You look bigger than me and I'm almost 21 weeks, lol I'm not gaining any weight with this baby." So I went and looked at her pictures and the picture of her bump at 17 weeks looks much bigger than mine does today. Which is fine she's on baby #2 it's expected but seesh why are you trying to make me just feel bad.

I know I'm probably just being overly sensitive about both comments and I know that neither of these girls meant their comments in a rude way what so ever but they bothered me and I deleted them.

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  1. Ha! Your friend is obviously jealous. I am 2 weeks ahead of you and am probably triple that belly size and we probably weigh about the same. You have a nice small belly and dont look fat at all. Don't let people get to you. I have rude people tell me stuff like that all the time and I kindly tell them, "At least I have an excuse"!