Wednesday, September 14, 2011

19 weeks!

We're 19 weeks today! There's 5 more days till our anatomy scan and obviously just one more week till we hit half way!

Weeks pregnant:
Weight: 110 as of 3 days ago so up 7 pounds total so far.
How I'm feeling: Physically, great I've not been to tired or sore for the most part I would like not to be waking up so early each morning but no real complaints. I would also like to start doing yoga again, I need to get off my lazy butt. Emotionally, I'm super excited about the pregnancy and baby and feel so blessed that everything has been healthy but still worried from time to time.

-Little D is about 10 inches in length from head to toe or 6 inches from head to bottom (depending on what website you read)
-Little D's kidneys are fully functioning which means he will start digesting swallowed amniotic fluids...meaning he will be making his first pee soon (eww) and the process will repeat. Some of this swallow amniotic fluid will also build up and become his first poo.
-Another growth spurt has been happening and will be happening again in the weeks to come so while I may feel bursts of activity little D will be spending a lot of time growing and sleeping.

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