Monday, September 19, 2011

Anatomy Scan

After several ultrasounds and not having any good profile pictures we finally got a couple today!

Our "skeletor" face shot. You can see the eyelids and little chin.
Finally our little boy is still ALL boy!! So HA to the people who kept telling me "oh it's still to early to tell, they still look the same at this stage, don't get your hopes up".

So after a long 5 weeks of going without seeing or hearing the baby we finally had our anatomy scan today! I was excited to see D again and confirm that he is indeed a boy. Which as you can see from the pictures we did and with little effort I might add. He wasn't hiding much of anything from us today. We got to see his organs, they all looked good and in the correct places. Two kidneys, two brain lobes, four chambers in the heart, arm and leg bones all looked good. He made it difficult for the tech to get a good shot of his hands and feet but she was able too and there are five fingers on each hand and five toes on each little foot. His head was nice a round just like his belly, haha. And his heart rate was 140, he was sleeping again so we didn't have much movement other than the hands and feet moving out of the shot she was trying to get.

I'm so glad that he appears to be growing healthy and strong and right on track (and that he is still a boy)! I have a follow up with my Dr next week to go over the scan results as well as my blood screening, and probably just a doppler check. We hit the half way point in just a couple days!

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