Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A dad to be "shower" aka kick back?

Oh, yes I think so!

I saw this mentioned else where recently and I love the idea.
We still, understandably, focus so much on mom and baby during the pregnancy that the dad sadly just seems to get lost in the background.
I know that people nowadays will have co-ed showers in order to get the dad/men more involved but the shower is often still the same traditional "foofy" stuff that guys don't ever really tend to be interested in.

Now when I mentioned this to him he gave me an odd look and said that it was dumb and doesn't think that any of the guys he knows would be interested but I disagree, and I messaged a few guys who would be on the guest list and they think it's pretty cool, so it's happening.
Now since I am one of those people who LOVES to plan and once an idea is in my head I HAVE to start working on it right then, here is what I already have planned out.

When: Sunday November 20, 2011 12:45PM Cowboys kick off @ 1PM then the Chargers @ 4PM
What: BBQ/Football/Celebrate the soon to be dad Day
What to bring: Asking that the guys attending bring 1 cloth diaper. Food and drinks will be provided so don't worry about that! Bring your appetite and get ready for some football!

So basically all day they would kick back watch football, eat, maybe play video games or cards, and possibly spend a small amount of time doing gift opening. I think that I would also have a board set up for "baby stats bets". Each guy wanting to participate would put in however much money they wanted to and take a guess as to what they think the baby's birth height/weight would be and whoever gets closest wins!

I already have in my head what type of invitations I would like to get and send out to his friends, what food to get, and all those little details. I dunno I think that it's a great idea and that if I were a guy I'd totally go. But then again I love football and food so most times that's enough to get me anywhere.

Oh and I'd get a cake not sure exactly what theme yet but there will be cake!

Anyways what do you think about an idea like this? Am I the only crazy one who thinks this would be a fun way to celebrate the soon to be dad?


  1. I think the idea sounds fun but I wouldn't mention the cloth diaper part...especially since you're the one throwing it. Let them come up with their own way to celebrate your hubby.
    I don't know any guys who would know where to buy cloth diapers anyway- not even my own husband, and we CD fulltime!

  2. I like the idea. I like the idea of a "fee" of something baby related. I agree guys might not know where to buy them but maybe if you decide to do that, you can put a web address on the invitations?

    I might borrow your idea when time comes for us :)

  3. Lol thanks I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a cute idea for the guys. Yeah I would probably just put a small "business" type card of where they could order one for us if they wanted. Obviously it's not mandatory or anything.