Thursday, September 15, 2011

Name games

Little D,

Today I asked your dad how he wanted to spell your name, there are a few different ways that it could be spelled so it's just a matter of choosing which spelling we like best.
He said to me, "why are you asking, I thought that we had already had the spelling for his name set" and I will say that I did too but when he spelt your name out for me the way he was thinking we were spelling it, it was different than the spelling I had been thinking we were using.

So I guess it was a good thing that I asked!

It definitely wouldn't be a good thing if your parents didn't even spell your name the same way.
So while I tried talking about it today we didn't get anywhere other than finding out we don't have the spelling set. We have two spellings that we have to choose between (the way I had been spelling it and then the way he had been spelling it) and hopefully he will talk more with me about it when he gets home.
I would just set up a poll and see what spelling "the people" think is best but since we are not telling anybody your name right now (and don't plan to till you are born) we can't. We're on our own here, but don't worry you will have a set spelling for your name by the time you get here!

Update: We settled on a spelling! Daddy really liked the way he was spelling your name best so we're going with that.


  1. is there an inbetween spelling?
    My mom's name is Candis and hubby's mom is Candace. An inbetween would be Candice.

    I can't wait to find out what your name is going to be when you have the baby!

  2. It's only a one letter difference the name would be pronounced the same way with their letter it's just deciding if there should be two E's or two I's lol