Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ooh we're halfway there!!

Oh man that Bon Jovi song has been stuck in my head the last few days lol.
Can you believe that we hit the halfway point today? 20 weeks down and 20 to go! I have a feeling that it is going to go by so quickly. Holidays are right around the corner and heck everybody get busy around this time, next thing you know *poof* it will be February!

Since confirming that little D is still a boy we have been talking a bunch about what we want to do for his section of the room (since we will have him in the room with us). So far I believe that we have the paint color we want chosen and a border for the top of the room. We don't plan to get truly started on it though till after the baby show which will be mid November. I am letting Daniel plan a lot of the decor for little D's corner and he is definitely excited about it.

There isn't much difference from Friday/Saturday when I posted one and today. Hmm other random things. That long sleeve purple shirt is probably my new favorite shirt. I love long sleeves to begin with but this one is super comfy and I love that it shows off my little bump, hopefully I can go later and get at least one more shirt. Cravings lately include Chick Fil A and bean/cheese burritos with sour cream and fresh made salsa! Yummo.

As for little D he's about 10.5-11 inches in length and weighs possibly 11oz give or take. (Our tech didn't tell us his measurements at our anatomy scan so I am hoping at my Dr appointment next week they will be able to tell me since I would bet she had it written down on the paper she sent to them). Food comparison wise according to The Bump he is the size of a cantaloupe. We still have lot of time where there will be no activity and then suddenly a burst of activity, never at any specific time though. He does what he wants.

Love you D stay safe and keep growing in there for the next 20 weeks or so!


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