Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's crazy the change that can happen in just over a weeks time.

We took these pictures yesterday evening (so 19w2d) I think that there us a pretty noticeable difference. Now I actually feel like I look pregnant and not just that I haven't been working out like I should.

Little D has been pretty active again and boy is he already a strong little guy. It seems as though his new favorite thing to do when I am just laying around is go to either side of my belly and push it out making it all disproportional. It's weird but really cool because we're actually able to see him moving around!


  1. are you in maternity clothes now?

  2. I have been for a while but don't NEED to be. I can fit in regular size 3 or 5 jeans and my shirts still but maternity clothes are so comfy! I just went and got maternity clothes when my size 0 stopped fitting because I only have one pair of size 3 pants and they're from high school (which was 4 years ago now) so they're falling apart lol