Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pow right in the kisser


Oh little D,

So last night Dad and I were laying in bed and I said to him "Huh I think that D is doing back flips or something he's moving a lot." Dad's reply was "Oh cool...I want to see if I can hear him"
Yes hear him...don't ask me why.

Anyways he kisses my belly says "hi baby" and then puts his head/ear on my belly apparently trying to listen for you.
A minute later POW he got kicked right in the face. It was a strong kick too. The look on his face was priceless! He jumped back and was like "what the heck, was that you?" to which I reply in my laughter "no!" A huge smile came across his face and he was like "oh my gosh he's a strong little guy already...I'm going to feel sorry for you in a couple more months"

I'm still laughing my butt off but stopped and was like "yes thank you I know I'm not going to enjoy my ribs/lungs being used as punching bags." Really little guy I'm not I'll try not to complain to much but keep the rib punches to a minimum, please.

Still smiling ear to ear he goes back to my belly pokes it and says " it again!" then put his head back down. But I guess you were done for the evening and had probably moved further back because there weren't any more big kicks. So I just rolled over and went to sleep.

Oh my goodness it was so funny, Daniel got kicked in the face before little D even made his grand entrance.

Anatomy scan is tomorrow! About 26 more hours. Hopefully our little guy is still a little guy. I would bet that he is but at least then I can totally stop worrying about it and shut people up for good. Hehe. It has been a long month not having any appointments.


  1. Oops! Did you mean to spill the beans about the name?

  2. Daniel? That's not the baby's name. His name does start with a D though. I read through again though to make sure and I didn't see little guys name posted lol.