Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well D based off of our February due date we have hit the 100 days to go mark! Which means tomorrow we will be in the double digits count down! Dad and I were talking last night and I was like "you realize that there's just about 14 weeks (give or take) till he's here right?" It's going to go by so quickly! the month of October has flown by, Thanksgiving will be here in no time, then Christmas and in a blink the new year will be upon us! Which means February is that much closer though you could decide to show in January or February.

I should be having appointments every 3 weeks now but wont be because my Dr is out of town for a majority of next month. At our appointment this past Thursday we just did a weight check, measured fundal height and took a listen to your heartbeat on the doppler. The stinker you are you decided to make it difficult for the Dr to find your heartbeat. You kept moving around out of the way and when she did finally track it down you started pushing and kick back at the doppler. You didn't seem to like her pushing that on you.

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