Monday, October 3, 2011

22 weeks!

At my last appointment we went over my genetic screening test results. Everything came back normal and at the lowest percentage for there to be a defect. Which is good to hear not that we were worried about it.
We listened to his heartbeat and it was still pumping away at 150 beats per minute just as it has during the last three appointments now. Guess that old wives tale about boys heart rates being 140 or under is just that.

We also got my appointments set up for pretty much the remainder of the pregnancy! Not only does now saying there is 18 weeks left in the count down make it seem crazy close but having my appointments all planned out does too!
I have one appointment just a little over three weeks apart from in Oct, Nov, and Dec. One appointment two weeks after my Dec appointment (first week of Jan) and then the rest of Jan I have an appointment each week.

Anyways when the receptionist gave me the print out with all my appointments I read over it and saw that the spot where they have my due date posted had changed. I've just been going by growth which put the due date as Feb 8th and they had it in their paper work as the 11th. Now they have changed it, but again doesn't matter because he will come when he is ready to and my family is still convinced that he will be born the 10th. But now it looks like we're down for around the 6th of Feb. So now I just look at it as from the 6th-14th.
I don't care so long as he makes it to at least 37 weeks, which is considered full term, and is healthy! I don't want to have him in the NICU at all, I'm going to be selfish and keep him with me.
Again the "official due date" doesn't so much matter to me it's more of just a count down.

So this week of pregnancy (whenever we actually hit it...I'm thinking of just keeping my 8th due date as I had been) D's inner ear is now fully formed and developing a sense of balance. He is about 1 foot in length and weighs around 1 pound. He has established his own sleep pattern by now and is sleeping around 12-14 hours a day. Apparently he also has dreams, I don't know what there would be for him to dream about but that's very cool! Food comparison wise he is about the size of a papaya.

Keep on growing baby boy!


  1. awesome! I'm happy for you guys!

    love the new header!

  2. hi three beautiful:) can I just say that I´m so, so happy for you:) Keep growing little boy!
    I´m about to have surgery in 2 weeks to try to get pregnant as well, and reading your blog makes me keep hope- thanks for sharing Liz- hugs from norway

  3. Good luck with your surgery I hope that is all goes smooth and easy!