Monday, October 10, 2011

23 weeks!

Dear D,

23 weeks (or there about) today and 119 days to go or 17 weeks! One more week till "viability", which is super exciting! And we're inching closer and close to hitting the 100 day miles stone, and soon we will be in double digit days!
Not much new is going on. You continues to grow and grow and are still putting down those first layers of baby fat. Your ears are fully functioning thought sounds are still very muffled, but you can/will respond to loud crashes and the such...usually with a big jump or strong kick.
You are is about the size of a banana squash...whatever that is.
But you know it's hard of me to imagine that there's a little boy over a foot long (head to toe) in there and that he's till growing. I feel like there's not enough room so I don't know where you are hiding!

Belly picture!

I wasn't going to post one till next week at 6 months but I figured what the heck. It took a while to get this picture by the way, I had Daniel take several of me earlier when we were out but for some reason my camera has been acting up and they were all crazy grainy. So after I messed with all the setting on it for a while I went and took this one and it looks much better!

Anyways here is 23 weeks! Little man is getting BIG and he still love to just chill low in my pelvis!

Dad and I have been talking a lot this past week about what to do with the nursery (or well your portion of the room since you will be rooming with us). Paint has proven to be the biggest obstacle. I found one shade of blue that I loved but then changed my mind and looked for something lighter, then decided that it was too light and looked for something else. I think that I have settled on one though.
It's kind of in between both shades of the darker and lighter blue and not to powdery. Of course your dad doesn't really care so long as we get the Star Wars stuff up. But hopefully we will get started with painting sometime next month...and hopefully once the paint is up I will be happy with it!


  1. Congrats on your baby boy. What a wonderful experience to be going through. I envy you. Doylene

  2. i love that we're only a few weeks apart and both having baby boys =]