Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25 weeks!

According to my pregnancy ticker D is still about the size of a cauliflower and weighs about 1.5-2 pounds but as said in my previous post D is measuring big at 2 weeks ahead and weighing nearly 2.5 pounds! Also as said in my previous post my due date looks to be changing, I've decided that I'm just going to keep updating as normal with the one that I had been given. D will come when he is good and ready having this date or that date isn't going to change that! But it will make me happier to keep updating in a sequential weekly order so there's that.

If you look at my 24 week post and the picture I have up and then back at this one you can see a pretty big difference, and mind you that was in just a week ago! I'm still feeling good, my hips and back hurt by the end of the day but I attribute that to the fact that he is still apparently sitting pretty low and towards my back. Which is probably why I also still look small for how big he is measuring, though I feel like I had another "pop" over the weekend and am looking a little rounder. But people are still commenting on how i hardly look like I'm pregnant.
Pregnancy insomnia isn't to bad either. I'm finding that I am now having a difficult time falling asleep despite being very tired and seem to have a strict wake up potty time of 4:30 AM, each day on the dot, and then have a difficult time falling back to sleep after.

I think that D is going to be a pretty cool kid. I had The Doors on yesterday and the whole time he just kept kicking and moving around, and when the music stopped so would he. What a character he is.

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