Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It starts with a D

So as I have said before Daniel and I are not planning on telling D's name till he is born, amazingly so far I haven't slipped! Since I am now looking more obviously pregnant we've been getting more questions. "Oh when are you due?" "Do you know what it is?" "Oh have you thought of names?"
The answer to the last question is typically "Yes, but we do not plan to tell anybody till he arrives" unless one of us is feeling frisky and then the answer is "well we haven't thought of a first name but the middle name will definitely be Danger!" typically we save that response for friends as they get that it's a joke! And amazingly most people don't press any more after we tell them that we aren't telling. (I hear from a lot of people that even when they say they are not telling they get constantly hounded to tell.)

But Daniel and I work with Jr High students at the church we attend so there are a lot of Jr High girls who are dying to know his name. When I told them that it started with a D the guessing game began.

Here are a few names (off the top of my head that people have taken as a guess) that are not D's name:
-Daniel (Jr)

Most of these guesses came from the Jr High girls...and some of them I just have to give them the strangest look for. Seriously, Demarcus lol!

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