Sunday, October 23, 2011

New due date!

We had a 3/4D ultrasound today and D is measuring BIG at 27 weeks and 2 days (vs the 24 weeks and 6 days I thought we were at). He weighs almost 2.5 pounds! So the new not yet official "due date" is January 20, 2012. Of course he can and will come when he pleases but right now the end of January seems to be more of the end goal. When our tech was measuring him for us she asked me (again) what they had as my due date and if I was sure because he was measuring far ahead.
He is absolutely adorable our tech kept commenting on how cute his nose was. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time. Little stinker that he is, he had his legs up by his face the whole time! Quite the one point he was doing a toe lock and sucking on his knee. I'm so much more in love with our little man, he's just so stinking cute but he should be he has some pretty good genes ;)

So since it looks like the due date will be changing, it looks like we are just a few short days away from being in the third trimester! My Dr will go over it with me at this weeks appointment. Geez it seems like we had just hit the 24 week of viability (ha!). Time really is flying by now, keep on growing little man!

Love you!


  1. aww you are only 6 days behind me then =]

  2. oh wow, what a jump! I guess maybe he will be a big baby then. Do you expect him to come near the due date or for him to want to come near his original one, just be really big? I would tend to lean towards the latter. How is it possible that they day he's really like 2.5 weeks ahead of what you thought. I mean there's a certain cycle aspect to the timing too... So excited for you though!

  3. As long as he cooks till at least the 19/20th (of Jan) I will be happy because new due date or not he will still be considered full term by then.
    I don't want him to be huge or anything for obvious fear that they will try and tell me I "have to have a c-section" or that I will be like my mom and he will get stuck in my pelvic (which I don't think will happen)
    My family would love him to be born Feb 10th I'm good to long as he is healthy and doesn't need to be in NICU at all.