Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Memorial Day

October 15th is pregnancy infant loss memorial day.

While the month of October is "designated" as a month of awareness recognizing the pain that comes with the loss of a pregnancy/child it's always overshadowed by the several other awareness causes that also take place during this month.
Those of us who have been through the horrible nightmare of loosing a child understand that people are extremely uncomfortable with talking about or even hearing about pregnancy/child loss. We understand that even though much awareness has been brought to this lonely cause it is still very taboo to speak of.

But today we ask that on this one day you stand with us and remember our much wanted, much loved babies that were taken too soon. At 7pm wherever you are that you light a candle for 1 hour and show your support for the grieving families. If you participate in this event and want to take a picture of your lit candle and send it to me that would be awesome (and I would then share it with the several other angel moms that I know).

On a final note, unless you have been through this you truly can not understand just how heartbroken and lonely the feelings you have are. Having a support system from friends, family and even strangers just letting you know that it's not your fault that it happened and that your baby existed and is acknowledged by somebody other than you makes all the difference in the world.

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