Monday, November 7, 2011

27 weeks!

Well this is the last week of being in the second trimester. Next week we will be in the third. Right now we have 13 weeks to go, so just one week over 3 months! It's going to go by SO quickly!
Our baby shower is this coming Sunday and I am so excited for it. I can't wait to see people and celebrate with them, play all the silly games, and just enjoy it all!

D is close to the size of a large cabbage, and getting bigger and bigger each day. He's 2+ pounds and 14+ inches long. He was head down at our L&D ultrasound and still had his feet tucked up by his head, but the last couple days he has been loving to uncurl and push those little feet up and press those tiny toes out. And let me tell you those tiny toes pressing in the same spot over and over hurts after a while, like I swear I have a bruise from it.

I have had horrible heartburn for the last few days that will just not give up. I am starting to think that tomato based products/sauces could be the cause of the problem so I am going to be sure to cut those from my diet in hopes that the heartburn goes away and stays away. I know that the old wives tales says that if you have heartburn then your baby will be born with hair if that's true then D should have a good amount of hair because ugh this heartburn is nasty.
My hips and lower back don't hurt as much recently which is nice and has allowed me to sleep a little easier but my mid back and ribs are now hurting which makes walking, sitting in certain positions, and oh yeah breathing uncomfortable occasionally. I assume that because of the continued shift in uterus position moving up and squishing organs more is the cause of the pain as well as the increased heartburn. Oh well.


  1. sorry hate to tell you but for me, the old wives tale of heartburn=hair was DEFINITELY not true lol. My daughter still has less hair than most 1 or 2 year olds and she's 3 and with her i would drink water and breathe fire lol. and hope your 3rd trimester goes smoothly! Mines been okay. Just LOTS of pelvic pressure/pain from his head being so dang low!

  2. Oh I don't believe them. All of them said that D should have been a girl but he's not.

  3. So fun to follow your journey! I hope to be in your position someday! I think cutting acidic foods might help. Do milk or tums provide any help? here's a site I found:

  4. Thanks, and no none of the home remedies have been of help so far. I try and have a small glass of milk before going to bed and that will usually calm it long enough for me to fall asleep and just not notice it after that. If it continues to be bad I will just talk to my Dr about possibly getting a prescription that would be safe to take.

    &Good luck to you!