Sunday, November 27, 2011

The day after Thanksgiving

So the day after Thanksgiving my family always sets up the Christmas tree, and no sooner! So yesterday we got the tree down, put the garland up, and started decorating. Each year we do a different theme for the tree decorations last year is was white/crystal and this year we are doing Disney! It was fun going through the boxes of ornaments and remembering playing with them all the time as a kid (seriously the ornaments were actually my toys that my parents eventually took and put hooks in to use).
The morning started out with homemade hot coco and homemade whipped cream (by yours truly)
I munched on some Pfeffernüsse cookies while sipping my hot coco and thought of when I lived in Germany. I miss the cold weather and how the seasons actually changed and the baked goods seriously yumm!
Ornaments for the tree!
More ornament boxes
I'll have more pictures after we get everything all decorated and pretty looking.


  1. none of your pictures are working for some reason... maybe it's just my computer?

  2. Hmm they're showing up on my computer. It may be the sever you are using, I think that IE often has problems loading pictures.