Thursday, November 3, 2011

Late night or Early morning?

Last night around 11 I went to the bathroom and saw some spotting. Of course I immediately freak out, Daniel tells me to call down to L&D and see what they say. They ask me a few questions all of which could be a reason for spotting but of course my answer for those it no, no, not in a while no. I also mentioned that I had noticed decreased fetal movement and normally he is very active. So the nurse said "well some random spotting can be normal but you can come down and get checked out anyways just to make sure it's nothing" So I grab my wallet, a jacket, slippers and head out the door. It's only about a half hour drive so we got there made our way through the maze that is L&D (seriously no wonder they tell you to take a tour!) get checked in and they hook me up to like 6 different wires right away. I guess D was very active because they had a hard time getting the monitor to pick up his heart beat and even when they did they had to keep coming back in to move it. They gave me a buzzer so click each time I felt him move. For a while I could hear him moving with the doppler things they had strapped to me but I couldn't feel it. I eventually did and I had enough clicks that they were happy with his movement.
The Dr eventually came in and did an exam, she did not see any reason for the spotting and no additional blood which was good. But wanted to do an ultrasound to check my cervix. It was still long and closed so she said that was great. Then she checked D out on the ultrasound he was moving around a good bit and again his heartbeat was nice and strong.
So everything was fine, but I am glad that we went down because it put my mind at ease. Hopefully we wont be back there (other than the hospital tour) till February though when we will actually be having our baby!

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