Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nursery in progress

Yay we finally started working on the nursery! I am pretty excited about it. i kept bugging Daniel about it yesterday but he said no not till today. So the crib is now set up and the bedding is sitting in it looking pretty, next we have to patch up the couple holes in the wall (from old shelves) and paint! After that we'll get the new shelves put up and D's Star Wars toy decor on them! It will definitely look great when it's all finished, I ordered a few things yesterday (bobble head to go with the one we already have and this sick Wampa rug that I have wanted for a long time but had no reason to get till now!)
Obviously full pictures will be up when we are completely done with it but here are pictures of today's progress.
Dad getting started on setting up the crib!
Halfway done
The last crew going in
And complete!
Bottom sheet that I "made". I need to decide on making bumpers or not.
D's blanket and teddy bear that we made for him (and Dad's lightsaber)

Daniel is definitely stoked about it all, he has been telling me since we got married that he wanted to make his son's room Star Wars themed, at first I wasn't all for it but I'm glad that we are doing it now it's been fun finding stuff for it and seeing him enjoy setting things up.
Now to get him excited about fixing the wall and painting. Mission impossible-accepted!


  1. Love it! This must be so exciting for you! Congrats!

  2. Aww congrats hon. I know you are so happy and excited...I am currently trying to conceive # 2 and it has became a little rough so I do understand your struggles but He will see you through <3