Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I made a collage last night of bump pictures from 19 weeks when I first truly noticed a bump to yesterday at 28 weeks.
Sorry if the picture is super small for some reason when I upload the collage pictures they shrink down like crazy.

Also because I really like this picture from yesterday. Me and our kitten Abby; can't you just tell from the face she is making that she just loves getting kisses.
Today things start getting moved around more in preparation for setting up the crib and changing table! I was debating with myself yesterday if I should wait till after we paint the one wall that the crib will be up against but figured the floor is tile it will be easy enough to slide everything away from the wall and out of the way to paint it then just push it all back after the paint is dry, so nope here we go. I was hoping that we would actually get started on constructing the crib today but Daniel has so much going on that it will have to wait till either Thursday or just this weekend. But regardless of when we get started this or next week I will be sure to post pictures.


  1. my wonderful friend and photographer is doing one like this for me. since i found out i was pregnant, I've worn the same outfit every month and took a pic in the same spot and same pose. She just posted a sneak peak and it's crazy how much i've changed from the belly to the chin to my arms- even my butt lol. it's so crazy to watch our bodies change over time through pics since we don't really notice it as much in reality.

  2. If you click on the collage it gets bigger. You popped between week 25 and 26 lol. There's such a difference there.

  3. Hey! I saw these on pinterest today and totally thought of you and D's nursery!!!