Monday, November 14, 2011

Third Trimester! & a Baby Shower!

I had my baby shower yesterday (may seem early to some but my out of state family [my side] was all here so it worked out!) and anyways it ended up being great!
I was super bummed out that morning though because so many of my friends messaged me last minute canceling on coming. So yeah it bummed me out because I just really wanted all my friends to be there and celebrate with me and share in my joy. But oh well things happen and about 20 or so people still showed and we all had a really great time. We hung out for a bit just chatting and eating then we played a few games, opened a few presents, did a raffle giveaway, played another game, then went back to cake and presents.
Wine basket for raffle
Pasta basket
Coffee basket
Game prizes
Thank You favors for guests!

I feel so incredibly blessed, we got so much stuff that even though I had it on my registry I never expected to get it. Like we are set on those big basic things that you need.
Some of the presents that we were blessed to have been given!

We got a pack n play, baby tub spa (didn't even register for it just a really basic one), vibrating swing, boppy/covers, high chair, some crazy gift cards, clothes/blankets, and the convertible car seat we had wanted(seriously never expected to have anybody get that for us!)
Even crazier is I only had two duplicate things (one onsie set and one boppy cover). Most people can't say that and end up having to exchange a ton of things.

The baby bath spa
Opening up more gifts
Swing from Daniel's parents & the large stack of things I had already opened
I was so surprised that we received the convertible car seat we had registered for!
My out of state friends messaged me as well saying that there wished that they could be there to celebrate but that they had sent off a gift for D and it should be getting here soon, so I have even more to look forward to. Seriously I feel so blessed!

Now I just need to reorganize things (again) and find homes for all this stuff, and I finally get to start working on our "nursery". Daniel wouldn't let me start till after the shower, so looks like next month I will be getting paint and starting on that! So exciting.

And now here we are, 28 weeks pregnant and in the third and final trimester! About 12 weeks to go till D should be making his arrival and as I always say it's going to go by so fast! As soon as I fix myself up and get out of my PJs I will have Daniel take a bump picture for me to put up.
Here we are at 28 weeks


  1. Hey there! Its kathleen I dont know if you remember me or not. but I lost your email from my inbox after my stupid gmail went to the "new look" ugh.
    SO If you dont mind sending your address along again to so I can mail baby goodies you way, I would appreciate it :) <3 Mama Kat from peace love and owls ;)

  2. Oh I do, I will email you as soon as I get home! Thanks!

  3. What a wonderful bump you have! Looks like the shower was great! I'm so happy for you!