Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wrapped in cool

D you are going to be one cool kid.
What with your custom made Star Wars themed room, all the toys you will be passed down, and of course your rockin parents. Today I have been working on making you your blanket (that I will wrap you in at the hospital and on the way home).
It's nothing fancy but it looks pretty sweet and it's super soft and squishy. Plus you will look adorable wrapped up in it and dragging it around behind you when you get older. I am making your amazing Star Wars blanket from a true vintage pillow case that I just took the seems out of and a brown minky blanket with satin boarder. Both dad and I think that it looks great, it does bug me a little the the print is face opposite of each other but dad says that will just make it so people can always see what it is and bask in the awe of Star Wars. Your dad is a bit of a dork but you will learn to love him.

Oh, I can not wait to actually get your room started! I have sooooo many ideas in my head that all look great I just need to get them organized and out there so they can be even more amazing! I'm going to try and keep it simple though and not over do it, I think that will be best, you know not to cluttered or overwhelming.

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