Monday, December 12, 2011

32 weeks!

8 months.
8 down 2 to go! Daniel and I were talking last night and suddenly he stopped and was like "It just occurred to me that you could really go into labor at any point now!"
It's definitely true, but hopefully he stays put till at least mid January when he would be considered full term as to avoid any health problems. Daniel is still convinced that his birthday will be February 10th but I'm not so sure.

Officially at 32 weeks I have come to that point in pregnancy where I do not want anybody touching me.
Daniel is the only exception, as well as my Dr but that's only because I have to allow that. But I am still annoyed with her at the time and thinking "gosh just hurry up". But really I do not want people touching me. No belly rubbing, no hugs, no nothing. I noticed that I started to become annoyed with it very mildly when the third trimester started but since a couple more weeks have gone by and I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable on a daily basis I really just don't want anything to do with anybody. If that makes sense. I also notice that sleep is becoming a more difficult thing to obtain. I can not find a comfortable position to sleep in and all that peeing that I escaped during the first and second trimester...yeah it caught up with me.
I kid you not I am up every hour and a half to two hours to use the restroom and my bladder is always FULL! I don't know where it's all coming from.

D is still pretty darn active which I love but it's starting to hurt as he just continues to get bigger and stronger and run out of room. I think he knows it too because I swear he tries to stretch out sideways to expand his space. Little booger. It's so crazy to watch. Daniel and I will just watch and he shifts all his weight from one side to the other. He does favor my right side though and loves to get those little toes up in my ribs, though today it has been his little butt that he has been trying to push up there. Lucky for me though he doesn't particularly like to be messed with so if I just poke at him a bit he will usually move, but sometimes he's super stubborn and is like "nope this is my spot".

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a couple weeks away and so exciting to think that next year this time we will have a little 10 month old running around getting into everything!

Keep on growing little boy, love you bunches!

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