Monday, December 19, 2011

33 weeks!

33 weeks down! And can you believe it only 6 days till Christmas!
This month seems to have just gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe that the new year is just 12 days away! At which point I will be able to say "I'm due next month" though I still have this lingering feeling that D will be making his appearance mid to late January, but what so I know.

At 33 weeks D is about 4.5 pounds, close to 18 inches from head to toe, and is comparable to the size of a larger honeydew melon. Though he is rapidly running out of room he's still quite the little mover and last night he and daddy were playing "grab the foot". D would press his foot out (far) and Daniel would grab at it, then D would pull his foot back in and a moment later stick it back out. It was cute, slightly uncomfortable for me, but really cute to see Daniel all excited about playing with him. D definitely has quite the personality for not even being out in the world yet...he must get it from his dad. Which means we could be in for it as he gets older!

This is definitely a busy week. Tomorrow Daniel has a casting call up in LA. He will not tell me what it's for but says that if he gets it I will like it. Wednesday we are heading down to San Diego to see The Nutcracker ballet! I am so excited about that, I have wanted to go see it professionally performed since I was a little kid and now I get to, so it should be a great afternoon/evening. Thursday is my mothers birthday. Saturday is Christmas Eve so we have church and then our usual family traditions that we always do and then Christmas!

And finally with in the next month I should have 2-3 reviews and at least one giveaway for you! I'm not going to say what they are so you will have to check back and see when they are posted but let me tell you that it's some good stuff!

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  1. aww that's so exciting! any recent pics? I know it changes so much from week to week towards the end! :)