Tuesday, December 27, 2011

34 weeks! and Christmas recap!

Just a month and a half till we hit our "due date". This whole weekend has been so busy. Christmas Eve we went to my cousins house for a family get together. We all just hung out catching up, eating, let all the kids open up some presents, and then did a "White Elephant" game for the adults. It was a lot of fun and definitely nice to see family because even though we all live so close to each other we never get together for one reason or another.

Christmas morning I was actually the first one up at 6:30 and realized that I had left my bag with my camera in it at my cousins the night before. So I woke Daniel up, called my cousins, and went to pick it up before anybody else got up (I am currently the only one with a working camera). When we got home just as the rest of the family was starting to come down stairs.
We went through our stockings and started getting breakfast ready then after eating our yummy cinnamon roll breakfast we went back and started opening up presents.
Steven and Rozlyn's stockings
Mom and Dad's stockings
My and Daniel's stockings

Everybody loved everything they got for Christmas and surprisingly there was a lot of gifts for everybody.
My sister got a Nook reader and some scary horror movies.

My brother got his very own lightsaber! He was so excited because now he doesn't have to borrow one from Daniel.

My dad got a new leather jacket and Daniel and I got home a "gift box" of different German themed treats.

I'm not sure what my moms favorite thing that she got was but I know that we got her some cool pink bunny footsie pajamas that she wore all day after getting back from church.

I think that Daniels favorite gift was probably the complete Star Wars saga on blueray but he was also excited about the Ergo baby carrier that he got as well (and the daddy diaper bag).

D got a couple presents as well. Clothes, a stuffed toy, $50, and a nursing pillow so he will be nice and comfy. I'll have to put up some pictures later since I forgot to get some when I had his things in a pile.

After we were all finished opening presents and everybody was home from church we just hung out playing game, watching Christmas movies, munching on snacks, and watching football that evening. It was just an easy relaxing day of hanging out enjoying the time together.
Yesterday my aunt/uncle, cousin and her husband come down and we had Christmas with them. Again it was just great to be able to hangout with family and have fun together.
Jack was my snuggle bug on Christmas and decided to take a nap on the couch with me.
The dog got a bone half her size and wouldn't let anybody near it.

As for the baby. D was pretty lazy all day on Christmas. I think all the food, snacks, and sugars made him sleepy and lazy. Monday he was much more active and today he's just been on the move! Daniel and I started the at home hypnobabies study, so far I am really liking it and it's a very hands on interactive thing for dad which he likes because he feels helpful. Hopefully it will be very helpful during the birth and work well for me. I have a friend that just had her son a little over a month ago and she did hypnobabies and had a fantastic birth. I'm praying I'll be just as lucky!
I have no appointments this week which is nice since it's just been go go go for the last month, but starting in January I have at least one Dr appointment each week, as well as a couple of classes mixed in there so it's going to be a(nother) busy month leading up to his arrival!

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  1. Hi! I have been reading your blog (found it on your profile on Baby center!) My hubby is a star wars fanatic and I showed him some of your hubby's photos. He now wants a star wars themed nursery for our future child. :-)