Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simple prayers answered

As said before Daniel and I work with our churches Jr High program, and (just about) every Tuesday we have our youth group get together. Last night Daniel was playing with the worship team and I was sitting listening to them practice before the night started.
I always pray before the start of the evening that the kid would learn something that night and that the leaders would be able to help them understand but last night my prayer was a little different.
As the band started practicing one song (can't for the life of me remember the name) I just started praying that God would fill the place that evening specifically during that song. That the kids would just reflect on who they were, how they were treating others, where they were in their relationship with him, and that all of them would feel so moved by him that they would all be standing by the end of that song.

So our night started off with a guy vs girl game (the boys won, but I feel that they had a slightly unfair advantage, oh well), went over announcements for up coming events, then had the worship team come up and play two fast fun songs to get some of that energy out of them. Our head youth pastor then came up and started talking. His talk was great and you could just tell that it had the kids thinking about: who they are, how they treat others, and what their relationship with God looks like.
When he was done the worship team cam back up and started playing. Then they got to the song that I was talking about earlier. I was sitting in the back as usual (to make sure kids aren't talking and split them up if they do and I can lean against the wall which is nicer for my back) it was amazing to see how one by one each and every single kid there that night stood up singing.

It really touched me and just reminded me how amazing my God is and how he will show himself to you in such small ways. I mean I am constantly reminded of his goodness and how he answers prayer each time little D here plays my ribs like a xylophone (like right now) but it's still amazing when you pray something so specific and see it answered right then.

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