Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a morning...

"What do you mean I don't have an appointment today?"

That's what my day started with.
I had an appointment scheduled for 9 AM this morning. Had a print out confirmation that the appointment was set up and everything but when we got there we were told "there's no appointment set up for you today, there was never one in the system, we don't know what you are talking about".

So yet again I got to argue with the representatives about what appointment(s) I actually have set up. But it got us nowhere. The only thing that they would do for me is leave a message to the nurse about the problem and have one of them call me back.
So I got home, without being seen, went and found the paper that very clearly had my 9 AM appointment confirmation printed on it and even went and showed it to my mom and asked her to confirm with me that the paper in my hand was in fact a appointment. Not a "reminder to set up an appointment" as they were trying to say they had given me.

Nope definitely a confirmation of a scheduled appointment.
So I got on the phone again and talked with another representative about how ridicules all this was and they are going to do an "investigation" into the issue and see what exactly happened. I made copies of the orders from my Dr to set up the appointment for today as well as the confirmation saying that I had an appointment today and will fax those to them as proof that I am not going nuts.
While on the phone with that representative filing a complaint my cell phone rang and one of the nurses was calling to see what was going on and to get me in to be seen (with a different Dr).

So I went in at 11 with no problems and just had a normal check in.
I'm annoyed that I wasn't able to see my Dr and that I was given such a difficult time when I knew I had a scheduled appointment but I got in, baby sounds great and my fundal height is right on target so that's all good. I also made sure to confirm like 6 different times, that I do have an appointment in the system set up for the morning of the 22nd. Last thing I want is to have this same frustration go on for a second time this month.

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