Monday, January 2, 2012

35 weeks! & Anne Geddes winner!

First congratulations to our Anne Geddes Beginnings giveaway winner-Elle Nguyen! I've sent you an email notification with instructions so you can receive your prize. Thank you all who entered, there will be another giveaway starting this weekend so be sure to check back on Saturday to see what it is!

Well here we are.
35 weeks down and 35 days to go!
It makes me giggle that it's 35/35. The next 5 weeks are going to scream by and before we know it D will be here! I have to be honest when we first found out that we were pregnant again part of me never believed that we would make it to this point, but God is amazing. Weekly Dr appointments start this Thursday and are pretty much ever Thursday after that. We have breastfeeding and baby basics classes coming up this month as well.

Baby's hospital bag is packed! Mine isn't quite yet but I do have a list all ready to go so either Daniel or I can just throw the things I will need into it. I also have my birth plan all written out and ready to review with my Dr. Oh but back to the bag... For D I have two different outfits picked out, one to wear while in our 24 hour hospital stay and the other to wear home. I have cloth diapers packed up as well. I have a cute fitted for going home and pre-folds with covers for while in the hospital.

Daniel and I are still working on our at home Hypnobabies study. It's coming along much slower than I was hoping, but so far I am still enjoying what I have read and find it very motivating.
I am still feeling really well at this point. Or well not so great today because it appears as though I have a bad cold which is making me all stuffy, achy, and sleepy and all I want to do is go sit in a nice hot tub that will turn me into a raisin but I can't do that. But as far as the pregnancy goes I'm still doing great! Daniel and I have been going on more walks just to keep me a little more active and get some fresh air. I can't wait for when we go on walks and carry D around with us (you know not in my "tummy").

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