Tuesday, January 10, 2012

36 weeks!

One week away from full term!
4 weeks or 28 days left in our count down but as I've been saying D could and will come whenever he wants.
However there are still 2 weeks till I am ok with him coming, we have to make it till at least the 23rd. February would still be preferred because then I would be able to finish up my last few weeks working with the Jr High program as planned. But lets be realistic how often do things actually go as planned?

D's kick, rolls, and punches are getting even stronger and more painful. He's gaining about an ounce a day now, but I have no idea how much he possibly weighs at this point. But Thursday we have an appointment and will have scan done to see if he is head down and approximately how much he weighs. So hopefully I will have a picture or two to post after that appointment.

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