Monday, January 16, 2012

37 week bump!

And here is the 37 weeks bump picture. Sometimes I still laugh because I feel like it looks like I just stuck a basketball or that fake belly up under my shirt. However the crazy active little man trying to bust out my belly reminds me that nope it's not fake.
Believe it or not I still feel pretty good. Not too big or over stretched for the most part unless I am trying to get out of bed in the evening to go pee, then I feel like a turtle stuck on it's back. I can tell though that over the next few weeks or day or however much longer he will be cooking will become uncomfortable as he really, really starts to drop, I'll survive though!


  1. can you tell from behind that you're pregnant? you look like you're carrying all in the front.

    KMFX that's me in 33ish weeks :)

  2. Lol no, I still have a waste for the most part and it took forever to actually be able to tell directly on that I had a bump. My maternity pics that we did at like 32 weeks from the from you can't see the bump only the side.