Sunday, January 1, 2012

A final look back at 2011 and welcome 2012

2011 has (had) been quite the year to say the least. Full of ups and down, smiles and heartache, as well as all the typical monkey wrenches that life loves to throw your way. I don't think that it is a year that I will ever forget. From my brother passing away, to finding out that we were expecting again and seeing the pregnancy/D grow healthy, and lots of little things in between but I am ready for 2012; and look forward to everything that it will bring most important of which will be our healthy son!

I don't make resolutions per say but Daniel and I have two main goals for the year. First to buy our own house. We have been talking about what city/town we should live in, if we should look into moving states or what will be best for our little family. We would like to get this in motion as soon as possible but we know that we need to have some money saved up for a down payment as well as a few months worth of mortgage payments so it probably will not be started till summer time. Second is to get our car loan paid off. I already have around 4 months paid in advanced on it and by my calculations we should own it free and clear by October of this year! Earlier would always be better but heck to have a truly realistic goal that we will reach is best!

Hope that you all had a good, fun, safe new year celebration and that your year will be blessed!

Our first picture together in 2012. I'm a pretty lucky girl since I got to kiss this guy at midnight!

My dad set off fireworks

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