Monday, January 16, 2012

Full Term!

37 weeks means that D is now full term and could come at any time. But he's already been told several times that he is not allowed to till the 23rd or later! I think that he'll listen and stay put...till his due date or even later! Hopefully not later though I don't want to have to deal with my Dr trying to push induction or anything like that.

According to web pages D weighs about 6.5 pounds and measures a little over 19 inches, which is about the length of a Swiss chard. If he is going to be born with hair then he's got it by now!
For the first time last night I actually had noticeable braxton hicks contraction (aka practice contraction) I know that I have had them previously in the second trimester and more recently but they were not anything that I noticed unless I was sitting there "looking" for them. Nope last night I felt these ones, they weren't frequent so I wasn't worried at all about actually going into labor but they did make it more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and Daniel kept stealing my pillows that I had built up into a fort around me.

Daniel and I met up with a friend (who lives far up north) yesterday. She and her daughter were down to spend time with the little girls dad who is stationed down here. She had some newborn sized diapers for me and a beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom "Morning in Mumbia" clutch diaper bag! I love it!
It's small, well much smaller than a size I would have chosen myself but Daniel says that's a good thing because I already tend to "over pack". So a small bag will make me just take the things that we WILL need. This will be good for small/short outings like going to church or dinner for the evening. For longer outings we will have Daniels Star Wars Daddy bag!

So here we are 3 weeks to go. Another appointment on Thursday but this week actually looks like it will be pretty mellow, guess I should it enjoy it while I still can!

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